Saturday, March 27, 2010

The camera is back!

J's back, and so it the camera. Technically I have my own camera, but it has a slight fisheye problem (is that the word?) and the wire to hook it into the computer is at one of my parent's house in California.

I made this little guy yesterday because there just isn't enough adorableness in the world.

cute knitted hedgehogAnd because I told J I would make a hedgehog for her, or so she said before she left for the conference.

We visited the National Museum of Scotland today

National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland
and watched people put their hands on historical relics.

They have a rooftop platform which is very windy.

I've been doing a bit more felting. Here are two rings.

felt rings

I've also been taking a few fibre classes with a nearby artists. Sadly she's moving to another studio, but during this last class we did a little nuno felting, which I really enjoyed.

This next pic is an experiment piece, some freehand embroidery, and what happens when you use a soldering iron on plasticy fabric, and a she showed us (on the left) how to do a shibori like effect by tying little glass pebbles in the fabric and then heating it.

She also has a drop in time where you can use the equipment in her studio, and here's what I made during that time:

spinning wheel yarn

My first spinning wheel spun yarn. Yay! I think it looks pretty good considering it's been two months since I was shown how to use a wheel.


  1. loving the little hedgehog on top.....very sweet

  2. Thanks Charlotte!

  3. Love the hedgehog, soooo cute. I am a sucker for hedgehogs. You have been busy!

  4. Not bad at all for first efforts. Thanks for stopping by my place and for your kind comments. Interesting that you have been felting, too. I have several ideas I want to try, and saw a demonstration at an alpaca farm just last weekend.

  5. Thanks for the comments WhimWham and Iron Needles!