Friday, January 11, 2008

Putting the Tea in That Yarn Store

We are very excited to announce that That Yarn Store is
now carrying loose-leaf tea. The tea comes from
the Tao of Tea in Portland, OR, one of the finest
tea houses there is. The tea is imported from the
various regions of China and Taiwan, and is of
the highest quality (but not the highest price!).

Our selection includes: Silver Needles (a fine white
tea, rich in antioxidants), Jasmine Pearls (a light
green tea with jasmine), Nilgiris Blue (breakfast-type
black tea from India), Black Spiral (an oolong),
Ayurvedic Herbal Blend and Chamomile. We will be stocking
new ones as time goes on, but for now, come
in and take an ounce (or two) home!

Also, on Thursdays and Saturdays we will be having a daily
sample-- so come in and have a sip and slip a
Note: We cannot sell tea-as-beverage; the tea is sold
by the ounce as loose-leaf tea.

1 comment:

  1. I love that you guys are diversifying. That's great! I've actually been to that tea house many moons ago and fell in love with it. The teas are absolutely spectacular and my favorite is the jasmine pearls. I love how they slowly unfurl! BTW, I'm sorry I haven't been into the shop for a while... Back in October I bit the bullet and moved back to the westside. The commute from Echo Park to Beverly Hills was sucking my soul. Hopefully I'll find myself in the area to visit sometime soon :-)

    xo, Jill (oboegoddess)