Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mine, all mine

I finished my sister's sweater, all but the collar and a few ends. And then I had Jessamy try it on. It looked horrible on her, and her build is more like my sister's than mine. It actually doesn't look scary on me, so I'm going to keep it, oversized sweaters are in right now, right? Maybe I should put in bat sleeves and wear it with leg warmers too. Actually, I have a few ideas. Haven't broken the news to my sister though. I'll have a picture of it in the next post.

A few hours prior to the near completion I had misplaced the last of my tapestry needle. I’ve gone through two needles since coming back to England three weeks ago, that tapestry needle was going to be my third. I looked everywhere, under the couches, in the sink. I was almost desperate enough to look in the fridge when I found it in my slipper.

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