Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Harry Potter or sweater?

Still not done with the sweater. I was making very good progress and had finished the extensions (my sister wanted it longer and I decided to do a few modifications and lengthened and modify the middle of the sweater, instead of just adding more ribbing to the end.) But then I picked up the latest Harry Potter, became more serious about finding a job, and decided to teach myself C++. It's really only grafting the back half and the seaming that's left, hopefully I won't procrastinate (if you call Harry Potter procrastinating) too long and finish it done by Monday.

I took the Metro to the coast with the intention of visiting a LYS to see if they are hiring and buy some #1 DPs, but I couldn't find the store. Turns out I got the address wrong, but I had suspected just as much when I got there and took a look at all the stores around there anyway. Oh well, there's another LYS I'm going to try and visit next week or so. Meanwhile I might go into town and buy the DPs at a chain store.

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