Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wonky Heart

Lucinda, who taught the knitted gnome class in early July (yes, we will be having another gnome class), asked if she could teach a beginners crochet project class in September. I said, "of course, we're not picky" which on second thought was not the best response. In any case, she dropped off a sample of the "Swedish heart" that she had made,and the pattern so that I could make the store's sample. When I finished the store sample I thought it was a nice enough decorative item.

That is until I took another look at her piece. Then, all I could see was ...

Knitting is supposed to be an art - soothing, unique. And yet it brings out this competative nature that almost always results in my crochet/knitting self esteem in being completely demolished. And it's not even when comparing similar items. When someone remarks on how even my stitches are I immediately begin to point out each ugly stitch. It's sad and depressing, but I know it's not just me. One of the hardest parts of teaching someone how to knit is trying to convince them that it's ok if their stitches are uneven. The first knit piece is supposed to look uneven, I tell them that one of the great things about hand knitting is that it's imperfection makes it unique, and makes it yours. 9 times out of 10 they don't believe me, and why should they when the little voices in my head are wispering "lies, all lies."

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  1. NO NO NO! I believed you when you said my first piece was supposed to be uneven... And I don't even feel bad that my first piece (can't really be called a scarf) lives under the couch... And my first real scarf is a thing of beauty - you told me so!! You gotta' snap out of this, Thea.