Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Eagle Rock rocks

Today Frannie and I went around to various stores in Eagle Rock to promote our Martini Night (Sept. 22nd) and Singles Night (Sept. 15th). Everyone was very nice to us. It was interesting how some were really into the idea of a Martini Night (like the guys at the Underground store on Eagle Rock blvd.) and some couldn't care less about booze, but thought the idea of a Singles Night was great (like the guy from the ballroom store). The biggest dissapointment of the afternoon was the fact that the firestation was closed (no fires in the afternoon?), but we did put a singles night flyer in their mail box (don't worry, I'll be personally delivering singles night flyers to the Highland Park firestation).

Even though I seem to pass out flyers every few months, I'm always surprised how wonderful the Eagle Rock community is, and how the people who work and live here are friendly and great.

I heard from a number of those business that things are really slow right now, so I want to encourage everyone reading this blog to support Eagle Rock business. Instead of going to Target to buy your next t-shirt, check out some of the cool stores like Regeneration on 1649 Colorado blvd. or Eagle Rock Underground 4690 eagle rock blvd. Shop at Colorado Wine Company, 2114 W. Colorado Boulevard, the next time you're in the mood for wine (they also have a weekly Sangria Saturday which I hope to go to this weekend).

In short, please support your local business, they need your patronage in order to survive, and we need them to help make our community safe, interesting and unique.

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