Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finished Dishcloth

I finished Max's dishcloth

The pattern's very simple.
Row 1: *P1, k3*
Row 2: *K1, P5, K1, P1*
Row 3: *K2, P1, K3, P1, K1*
Row 4: *P2, K1, P1, K1, P3*
(the picture is sideways)

I CO 40 sts, started with 3 rows of garter stitch, then started each row with slip 1, k3, and ended with k4. When I got to my desired length I purled 3 rows. And voila, a dishcloth.

Lucinda, who occasionally teaches classes at That Yarn Store, has a knitting machine she would like to sell. Here's the information, if you're interested please email me at thea.yarnstore@gmail.com and I'll pass on your information.
Studio 360K (standard bed) $200/obo
Built-In Accesory Box
Row Counter
Main Carriage
Clamps (2)
Auto Tension
Yarn Rod
Claw Weights (2)
Transfer Tools
Needle Pusher
(English directions - Xerox copy)

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