Sunday, July 30, 2006

Moldy fruit and science fiction

It's sad, but true, the nectarines grew moldy. Well, techinically a few of them grew moldy, but I'm not about to eat, or gift, nearly moldy, not that dehydrated fruit.

Today we had one of the most pleasantly weird customers. He was in some way associated with a science fiction convention in August. He was looking for scraps of yarn to be placed on a map, the yarn would show the route of travel across the oceans. Apparently he also judges the fashion show at the science fiction convention. He liked the word of the day, even went so far as to say "that is humorous." His response to "how are you today?" was, "I'm feeling quite well, thank you." In other words, he was acting like an alien trying to fit into normal society.
I've actually been to a Star Trek convention. And although I like science fiction (not obsessively so, but up until recently it was most of what I read) I don't really fit into the crowd. I have the same crappy social skills, that's for sure, but it's astounding to me that the super comic book/science fiction fans are so unapoligetic about their personality. This guy was a very outgoing person, he obviously liked to talk, liked to meet people, yet he seemingly had no idea that "that is humorous" was a strange response. Or did he?

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