Monday, January 31, 2011

Weird pedicurists

Yesterday J went for a pedicure.

I declined to get my feet done though because the pedicurists were ugly.

And they sucked.

And here's a photo to prove it:

Fish pedicure

Yup, they're fish. Garra Rufa fish to be exact. A place opened up in the mall right before Christmas where you can get pedicures by little fish. J asked me twice if I had gone to look at them, and I interpreted that to mean she wanted a gift certificate to it for Christmas. Turned out I was wrong about that, but after the initial shock of oh-my-god-I-have-to-get-my-feet-nibbled-on-by-fish it didn't actually take very long for me to convince her she should redeem it so I can take a pic for the blog...

I like the idea of it. Symbiosis, that is. And if it's good enough for hippopotamuses I suppose it should be good enough for me. Except it is kind of ... creepy.

J said it didn't hurt, and that it felt like she had her feet in a pool of soda. Not sure that description really won me over. I don't really like soda... I think I'll stay on the other side of the water for now...


  1. (Which site do you want comments at?)

    This is really interesting - my kids were watching a show Victorious on Nickelodeon and it was about fish pedicures! I didn't think it was a real thing!

  2. Hello beautiful wishing you the best for this year.
    Ooooh I could not have our feet in there!!

    tiko t. handmade

  3. Tammie - the other one please!
    It is real!I just found out there is more than one company doing it too.
    Thanks tiko - to you as well.