Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 17 of Hadrian's Wall Walk

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Yesterday was our 17th and final day!! of our Hadrian's Wall Walk.

We started in March of last year, while we were still living in Newcastle (where the wall started), and every so often had gotten on a bus or train to take the trail alongside the wall (though more often we were walking alongside where the wall once stood) that the Roman emperor Hadrian had built in AD 122.

I took a lot of pictures of flowers that day, for inspiration for my felted creations, here's two of my favorite!

Interesting flower


I'm a city girl, and I'm fascinated by wildlife, so I take a lot a lot of pictures of cows. Here's the first ones we saw that day.


It might not surprise you that I loooove taking pictures of sheep.


Here we are, about to cross a very long stretch of road (a causeway, but fortunately we arrived during low tide), ready to face two miles of cows.

Cows for two miles

White Cow

Our first view of Solway Firth! Solway Firth is water that forms part of the border between England and Scotland.
Solway Firth


We got closer ...
Solway Firth

Solway Firth

And we made it!
Hadrian's Wall plaque

Here we are! Probably the most unsuitably dressed hikers, and a bit ragged and tired from 10 miles of walking, but very happy!
We finished the walk!!

And the last view of Solway Firth before we headed back.
Solway Firth

The End.


  1. I loved the pics of the firth. Congrats on completing your walk along the wall.

  2. Glad you took lots of pix. Sometimes it's difficult to do a long walk in one stint, especially if your vacation is limited. I know a lot of people walk the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) in sections. Are you thinking of doing any other long walks?
    thorandellie AT gmail D0T com

  3. Great pics! I love the sheep, what kind are they?

  4. how fun! i think it is fun to see parts of the day through the lens of a camera.... things look so different!

  5. I wonder why you say you were "unsuitably dressed"? Was it the fabric that didn't work well or the style of your clothes? For long walks and hikes, I'd recommend synthetics over cotton.
    thevanandthecart AT gmail D0T com

  6. I so wish that I lived by you so we could go stalk some sheep together! =)
    These pictures are beautiful!

  7. I too met some scary cows on Hadrian's Wall , the high bit between Housesteads and Steel Rigg. It was on the way back when we walked in the vallum below the wall. I had to protect my daughter and our 6ft german guest by jumping around and yelling befroe they would leave us alone, and i'm a granny, though with more experience of cows than them. Hadrian's wall is one of my most favourite places to walk. I've just returned from my first ever vist to Bath, those Romans were amazing. I can highly recommend Steven Saylor's Gordianus detective series.
    Just love your Stonehenge in felt!
    Brigid (celticgran on Etsy)