Saturday, May 15, 2010

A little Saturday walk

This morning we went to the farmers market and bought some goodies.
Edinburgh Farmers Market

Tomatoes, super friggin expensive asparagus, and
Fruit and vegies

a leek so big it doesn't fit in our little fridge.

We walked around the castle hill,

to the front of the castle (no idea what the bleachers are for)

and started our walk. We've had the book "24 great walks in Edinburgh" since we moved here, but our Camond Island walk was the only time we used it. And this nice, sunny (mostly) day was perfect for another walk.

We followed walk 1 of the book, which went past the castle, through little alleyways,

and past Deacon's House, which was where we had lunch, and down the Royal Mile.


Deacon's House was once the workshop of the William Brodie, a respected cabinet maker who secretly copied the keys of his wealthy clients, and then at night burgled their houses. He was eventually found out, fled to Amsterdam, was captured and then hanged by the gallows which it's been said he helped to design.

Deacon House

Sadly the food in the cafe was mediocre (we didn't find out until after we had ordered that they served a drink of hot chocolate mixed with whiskey, so we might give the cafe another try). It did however have a few comical statues out front, and inside there was plenty to read about the history of the place and walls painted with scenes from Brodie's life.


And ...
When we came back home I finished off another finger of the glove! Woohoo. Only one more finger, and the thumb to go!

Halfway glove


  1. Love the story about Brodie. How funny!

    Gorgeous glove too. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Awesome glove! Since I have an aversion to sewing in ends I've never gone down the glove road. Maybe I just need the right pattern to inspire me.

  3. I love going to the Farmers Market the one closest to me doesn't open till next month I can't wait. Hot Chocolate w/whiskey yummy you can't go wrong there. Whiskey is my drink of choice.

    The glove is amazing I want to venture in to gloves someday. I answered your question about the blanket on the blog a few other people emailed me and asked the same thing.

  4. Your glove is stunning indeed! Wow!

  5. Oh, i love edinburgh- and that glove looks like it'll be gorgeous!

    Does this comment count in your giveaway?!?! (and do you ship to the US?)