Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Days 15 - 16 of Hadrian's Wall walk.

Last weekend we continued with our coast-to-coast walk. We were out of shape, and I think spent more time in cafes and restaurants than walking, and I'm pretty sure I gained some weight, but as a result I had a very nice few days.

I'm a city girl, so I took a lot of pictures of animals on Friday.

The first lambs we saw that day.
Sheep brothers

And the first cows

And the first horses

On Saturday our feet hurt, so we took a very short walk, most of which was along the river Eden.

Because there was some light rain and because buses didn't run into or out of Carlisle on Sundays we spent some time looking around the city.
organ pipes
The organ at Carlisle Cathedral.

This is the guildhall museum, a very tiny, free museum in a wonderfully crooked 500 year old building. The museum is mainly about the history of Carlisle's trade guilds.
Guildhall Museum

Carlisle Castle.
Carlisle castle
Part of the castle is over 900 years old, some of it being altered in the 14th and 19th century.

During Monday's walk, starting from where the river Eden runs along the city, ...

peering sheep

Mud! As Jessamy was trying to find the least muddy part to cross I decided to just walk through it as quickly as possible.

Big mistake. I took a few tentative steps. Then put my right foot into the dirt. As my foot was sinking into the mud I quickly took a step with my left foot. It too sank. As I tried to take my third step my foot came completely out of the shoe. I was going to ask Jessamy for help, but when I looked over she was already bent over, laughing hysterically. After some awkward balancing and one sock in the mud I managed to force both shoes out of the mud.

Fortunately we only had a few minutes walk to the bus stop.

A little church in the town of Beaumont, where we waited for the bus.

And lastly one of my favorite pictures of the trip.


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