Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This week's bake-along is biscotti. This is my first time making biscotti, and I used a recipe from Cooking for Engineers which I choose because it goes into more detail than other recipes.



It was all going pretty well until this point. And then I realized that I didn't have almond extract. This made me a bit flustered and not too happy because I was so close to buying it at the store, but didn't because it wasn't on my list of ingredients which I had written down from "prepare these ingredients" part of the directions, and not from the actual ingredient list on the bottom of the page.

And then I put the vanilla extract in with the flour mixture, not the egg mixture. Arg.
And then I started to worry that I had overmixed since it seemed a little "stringy".
It's a wonder I do any baking at all with all this worrying.

But it ended up becoming a normal batter, of course.

Waiting for it's time in the oven.


And it's done!

I really like the texture of the biscotti, but sadly, and I'm pretty sure it's just because of my almond extract stupidity, it didn't taste like very much. That didn't stop us from eating piece after piece after piece of it though.


  1. I've only made biscotti once for christmas. I freaked out when they seemed too thin, but they tasted great. lol. All the drama of baking... sigh. It looks like you did great, I would have thought vanilla would have tasted great even though they would have been mild. You could drizzle lemon flavored icing on them.
    Jaemac from swapbot, I am following you now.

  2. I'm an amateur sewer and cook too :)
    Veevian from SB, now a follower.

  3. Hi Jennifer, the lemon flavor icing is a great idea! I'll try to keep it in mind for next time. As it is though I think we've already eaten over half of them.

    Hi Veevian. Nice to meet you.

  4. I have no idea whats biscotti but it looks yummy!

  5. Hi James, thanks, I like it. It's like hard sweet crumbly bread, always served in slices. Very often dunked in coffee or something else.

  6. It looks gorgeous! Yum.