Sunday, April 11, 2010

Have my cheesecake, and sunshine too

After writing yesterday's post about the make-along I made a cheesecake. It was about 1 am when it was done but still had to set, so I couldn't try it until this morning. Oh the anticipation!

Lemon ginger cheesecake

It's my best cheesecake yet! Which isn't really saying much because I only really remember baking one other one, but it is saying ... something.

It's Lemon Ginger Cheesecake. I put a little less ginger than they called for on the topping since I'm not a big ginger fan (it reminds me of being woozy on long car rides) so it came out gingery, but fortunately not too overpowering.

It was a lovely day today so we went into the city centre where we saw some Japanese tourists taking lots of photos of fancy cars. You know, like you do.
Oh look a car

Proof that it was so warm that I took my coat off, that I wore my scarf out, and that I pet a metal pig:

And look! People lounging on Calton Hill.
People on a hill side


  1. cheesecake! in theory it sounds good--lemon ginger, but ginger (like you mentioned) makes me think of being queasy with morning sickness!

  2. The cheesecake looks delicious - I've always wanted to make one...

  3. Worsted Knitt9:50 AM

    Cheesecake! My husband loves them! Must make another one soon, and this one looks really good.

  4. Kate - Ya, I could live without those food-related flashbacks too.

    Jeanne - You should make one, even if it breaks in the middle, etc, it will most likely still taste good!

    Thanks Worsted!

  5. I would love a piece of that for breakfast this morning with a cup of coffee. The coffee I have, alas the Although there is talk of stopping at the Whole Foods to get some vegan cheesecake(the only REALLY good one I have tasted) later today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that happens.