Thursday, April 08, 2010

Supply list for the beginning felter

You may have already noticed that I really enjoy felting, and one of the things I like about the craft is that you don't need very many tools to do it.

If you'd like to start felting here's my recommendations on what supplies you'll need.
basic supply list for felting
If you just want to experiment and see if felting is your thing, but don't want to invest much money into it, all you really need is a towel, bowl, dish washing soap (an apron for your washingup liquid is purely optional), and fiber.

basic supply list for felting
But, tools are meant to make your life easier, and I'd recommend you add to your shopping list vinegar for rinsing, bubble wrap, nylon fabric, flexible hard bubble shelf liner, and a container to sprinkle water/soap mixture with. You can use a spray bottle for that, but an empty bottle of laundry detergent with holes poked through the top works just fine for me.

bigger supply list for felting
And if you want to get really crazy with the supplies you can also use gloves, a bamboo mat, more fiber (and more, and more...), two rubber bands (wrap them around the shelf liner or bamboo mat to keep it from unrolling), and olive oil soap, which is supposed to be the best kind for your felting hands.

And that's pretty much all I've needed. Have fun!


  1. i love that felting is so basic and easy, but you can create SO many goodies doing it!

    thanks for coming by my blog and leaving word.

    : )

  2. Hmmm, I'm still not sure how to start felting up... what kind of fabric do I need? I remember you mentioning you used the wrong kind of fabric once...?

  3. Kate - thanks for your comment.
    Rocky - It should be nylon, not silk. The white see-through kind. I use one with a similar kind of weave as cheep nylon stockings.

  4. I LOVE the dish soap apron, made me laugh out loud! Did you make it?
    I was reading up on felting awhile back but haven't tried the techniques yet, but I will soon. I'll keep watching your blog for more tips :)

  5. Michelle - Yup, I made it. Details over at this post:

    I highly recommend making one. It makes dishwashing more fun.

  6. I LOVE it! I have to put making one on my to-do list....