Monday, February 01, 2010


We had beautiful weather this weekend. Cold, of course, but sharp and clear and lovely.

Perfect weather to finally visit the Edinburgh Farmers Market. It was actually bigger than I thought it would be, though different from outdoor markets that I'm used too - a large portion of stalls being meat-related. Game, venison, boar. And although I'm cooking meat in my new cooking class (today's meat was bacon), I'm still not ready to buy from a specialist meat monger.

For the complete opposite reason (knowing I'd go buying crazy) I also wouldn't let myself get close to the cheese stall. We did however buy a few veggies.

I love photographs of plants.

I like photographs of architecture too, but even the interestingly-shaped, non boxy type of building and monuments don't look as ...

organic as a cabbage.

Plus, you could spend a long time taking pictures of a Gothic Revival church, but you can't take it home and cook it. And I'm a fan of practicalities.

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