Friday, February 05, 2010

In Tune

I finally bought a tuner for the ukulele! I am very happy about my purchase because I was having to tune the uke using a YouTube tuning video about once a week, really annoying and time consuming and probably not very accurate. I've been trying to learn my first non-folk song, the ukelized version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, though I think I'm several weeks away from a sharable video.

Only one finished project this week - a lunch box for J. I still can't sew straight, but it didn't really matter for this project.

Almost finished that sock I started last month, in fact I would have finished it at the time of this writing, had I not realized sooner that I went about an inch and a half past the point where I needed to do the toe decreases.

And the last bit of news, twice this week I made baked tortilla samosas.
The original idea for tortilla samosas came from a guest on a fun British cooking show called Hairy Bikers. I made these using a combination of these two recipes.


  1. What a great lunchbox. Reminds me of a paper bag, only better, since you can just throw it in the washer instead of throwing it away! I'm going to go fabric stash diving to see what I might use to sew one up. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Thanks! That was exactly the intention - throwing it in the washer. Looking forward to seeing your lunchbox.

  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    The samosas look yummy!

  4. I really like the fabric you've chosen for the lunchbox. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is such a great song (I play it, somewhat haltingly, on the piano). I'd love to hear a ukele version!

  5. Thanks @damiandaily, they were yummy!

    @inkberryblue The fabric is from a department store over here, and left over from another project (yay stash usage).

  6. Tortilla samosas! Must try them out someday!