Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 3 of Ravelympics

Valentines Day 2010 has come and gone. And my lemon cake was baked ...
Lemon Cake

but is not yet entirely gone. But we did manage to eat about half of it last night, and I managed to not eat any of it today until the late afternoon. I'm sure we'll manage to eat the rest of it tonight. It was a simple recipe pattern, requiring mixing a bunch of ingredients then baking for an hour. It may not have tasted as superb as an expensive, pre-made one at a bakery, but it tasted sweet and was still warm, right out of the oven.

I'm into my third day of ravelympics. I finished one glitten around 1pm. Also known as a convertible mitten.

bella glitten mittens for ravelympicsIt's now 6 and I haven't started on the second glitten! I blame social networks and almost by extension random and interesting links (like this one about saving the gansey). I'm afraid that the wondrous thing that is the internet, without which there would be no ravelympics, will lead to my poor ravelympic scores.


  1. I've never heard that term "glitten" before - and your knitting looks amazing. I'm jealous of all the ravelympics knitters I see out there - I'd join, but I relly don't think I could sit still through the games (or get the tv controller away from my family.)

  2. Thanks tamdoll! I don't have a TV so we're watching the olympics online half a day after the actual event. My interpretation of ravelympics is that it's just an excuse to get a lot of knitting done, I don't think it's necessary to watch it during the olympics.