Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Owl cowl has eyes

I got my first ravelympics medal for the mittens today. Woohooo.

I ended up choosing a blue button for it, but decided to only put a the button on the right hand for a fully functional mitten, and keep the left hand button free because I think it looks prettier that way. So the best of both worlds, I think.
knitted mitten hello

For a cookie bake along this weekend I made fortune cookies.Fortune Cookie
Yumm. The first batch didn't work out so great, most of them cracked and crumbled as I was folding them, but the second day's batch turned out much better, I think it's because the batter thickened overnight.

Next week's bakealong is scones. If you're on ravelry feel free to join in, you are on ravelry, aren't you?

M cowl owl is finished. The knitting was finished a few days ago, but and it was a very quick knit, but it was also in dire need of blocking. I put the eyes on just an hour ago.
knitted Owl Cowl

My third and last ravelympics project is to finish a WIP, gloves for Jessamy. I've never made gloves before, and this is going sooo slow. The cable pattern is from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation.
Glove in progress
I hope I can finish them in time!

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