Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Burns!

Yesterday was Burns Night. We celebrated by eating some piping hot (it burns ...) vegetarian haggis, which was very good, and reciting, and listening to, some of Burns' poetry in the comfort our home.

Yesterday was also the first session of a cooking class I'm taking, and also the first time I've cooked chicken in my adult life. It was a very informal class, essentially a bunch of people in front of stoves making the "same" dish. Yesterday's dish was a fruity-lentil- chicken curry. I think the teacher felt a little sorry for me when I told her it was the first time I've cooked chicken, and didn't seem to believe me when I said I thought it was good for me to learn ...

And, today was the first session of my Intermediate Spanish class. I was by far, as in by at least 20 years, the youngest student there. As in yesterday's cooking class most of the students were regulars, apparently taking the same class over and over again. Thankfully there was one student who seemed to know less Spanish than me (Phew)!


  1. First, vegetarian haggis seems like an oxymoron. But whatever. Second, people who are taking intermediate Spanish over and over again are clearly inferior students - I bet you'll only have to take it once! Third, it's not a bad thing to know how to cook a chicken, even if it's not something you intend to eat. Especially if it's got curry in it!

  2. The veggie haggis was good though!

    There were several people in the cooking class, regulars, who had been attending the class for years. It seems like the people taking these classes are doing it in large part to get out and be social. Also, the Spanish class is only once a week for 8 weeks, so not really enough to move onto to advanced. Thanks for your vote of confidence though!