Friday, January 15, 2010

What, unlimited usage?

After nearly two years of crappy, unreliable, capped mobile broadband we finally were able to get home broadband! I am sooo happy. Now I can download the Bible on LibraVox, watch the season of Lost that I missed, and post pictures of Edinburgh without getting frustrated!

And two more pictures:

This is my bathtub. The black inky stuff is what came out of my shower moments after the shower started to make weird noises, and seconds after I instinctively turned off the shower and stepped out of the tub. I've left a message on the fix-it guy's mobile ....

Here's Max's socks, which I didn't end up finishing while I was in LA - I had chosen to hang out with the siblings instead.

They look oddly misshapen, but I'm pretty sure they fit him as I had him try them on many times while I was making them. I still have to send them though ...


  1. Suzanne7:00 PM

    So happy for you about broadband. It really is wonderful! My mom had dialup until last year, and using her computer was always such a regression to the past.

    I'm sure the socks will be fine. Nobody has perfect feet, anyway.

    Edinburgh looks lovely. Can't wait to see more photos.

  2. Loving the pictures of Edinburgh - reminds me of what I'm missing down south! The socks look fantastic too. Not so sure about the black gloop in your bath though.

    Looking forward to future projects.