Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wheel and Heel

Today I willingly left the warm flat and sat on a bus for half an hour to sit with a bunch of strangers.

Weird, eh.

But this wasn't just any bunch of strangers, this was a guild of Spinners, Weavers, and Dyers, and I went because I really wanted to learn to use a spinning wheel. My reluctant teacher ended up being someone, a Canadian funny enough, who was new to the guild and I think mainly came to socialize but somehow got stuck teaching me instead. I felt kind of bad, but after giving her several attempts to back out of someone else's nomination that she teach me, I resigned us both to our fates. I did end up getting the hang of it, after what felt like a long while, I'm just really glad I knew how to drop spindle first or I might have gotten discouraged. After more or less getting the hang of spinning and giving the wheel back to its owner : ) and, while asking a lot of questions from a very helpful and friendly spinner sitting next to me, I started on this:

It's a Jaywalker in self-striping Sockotta, one of the many old yarn store yarns which I purchased from dad when I went back home because all the leftover yarns were being stored in my room and the tubs of yarn were the last things I would see before going to bed. I tried to ignore them, but at the last moment they somehow ended up in my suitcase.


  1. Oh, I thought you two had come together and were friends! (Must have been the accents that confused me, lol.) And I didn't want to interfere with her teaching you. Otherwise I'd have helped out more because I am one of the guild members that does the most teaching of newbies.
    NeXt time, eh??

  2. No, we didn't come together. We just happened to both be from North America : ) But you were very helpful!