Monday, February 20, 2006

Who's counting?

Since the last posting I had taken apart, rethought, and restarted my shirt four times (but who's counting?). By Thursday I had changed to size 5 needles and ditched the working in the round for the conventional back/front/sew seems construction of the shirt. Everything was going fine, I had completed about a good three or four inches of my shirt ... then came Saturday. On Friday we had had some girl scouts come over to the yarn store at seven o'clock for beginning knitting lessons. There were 8 or so girls, around ten years old?, and two mothers. Surpisingly all of them were able to get it, but that left the four of us extremely tired by the end of the evening. Ok, to be honest I was too tired to really pay attention to the emotional and physical state of everyone else. On Saturday I had a short interview for a script reader job, wasn't going to pay much, but it's more than the O that I'm getting from the store right now. Of course none of my pants fit, they all make me look like a clown as Jessamy so kindly pointed out, so on Saturday morning I had to go over to Target and Robinson's May and look for pants, by the time I got home I had 10 minutes to get myself ready for the interview, drove to hollywood, did the interview, got back home, ate something, went to the store, did this and that, said hi to Evelyn, taught a beginning knitting class, talked to customers, and by 6 was catatonic. Seeing as I only have one knitting project going at a time, and I'm associating the shirt with a deadline I can not make, I was too stressed to knit. too stressed to knit?! Yup, pretty sad. So I figured, when I got back home I would wind down by making some socks with the sample Louet linen/wool mix. As you probably guessed, I wasn't able to make the socks, largely due to the fact that I have no such linen/wool mix at home. Details, details. It's now Monday afternoon and I've just started on a sample sock with the Sockotta, the first knitting I've done for a couple of days. The shirt was looking nice, I'll post a picture of it, but I think I'll at least have to wait until the deadline has passed until I can tackle it again.

Why am I writing this? Not sure, but notice that even though I have grave doubts on whether any one, including me, actually gives a damn tomorrow is another day I have not deleted this post. I think I'll just rename this blog "Thea's Woe Is Me Blog." Not really catchy, but it serves its purpose.

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  1. Brenda11:51 PM

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's stressing out over the Knitting Olympics. I'm way behind in my two inches/day goal on the baby blanket, and there's no way I'll finish by the time the torch goes out. Isn't knitting supposed to be relaxing?