Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting olympics

So, I've signed up for the knitting olympics (well, I sent an email asking to be signed up). It's taken me several days to find the right yarn and stitches, but I think I've figured it out.

The mission of the knitting olympics is to find a project which is challenging, and push yourself to finish it in two weeks.

What is my project? A lacy vest. All the shirts I've attempted to make have been failures, but I've decided to have another go at it. And why do my shirts mess up because? Little things, like I don't count my rows, and because I make up my own pattern.

So what will make this project different than all the others? I'll be making it out of linen.

Actually, I've decided to make it in the round, in theory that will fix part of the counting rows problem (never one to actually solve the problem in the most logical way), until of course I get to the armpit. It'll be interesting to see if I ever learn my lesson. Speaking of not learning lessons, I'll be making up the pattern for the vest.

Here's the game plan. As of today, I'll be making the top half in a simple lace pattern (I couldn't find any challenging ones which I'd like to wear). To make up for the easy (yes, I'm saying easy now but in two weeks...) lace pattern I'll be crocheting the bottom. I'm not a very good crochet, so this will give me some good practise.

The olympic flame is going to be ignited on February 10, so I'll be making the guage swatch in the next day or two, and posting the results, and if I'm ambitious I might even have written the pattern by then, in which case I'll post that too.


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