Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knot the knitting olympics!

So, after hours of unknitting, which in moderation can be soothing, I'm ready to scream. I'm most of the way through the knot, and have been forced to knit whatever I've entangled in an effort to remain calm.

A neighbor of ours came in today and said she never really liked doing crochet. Whenever she would try crocheting something it would turn out to be too stressful and she'd immediately turn to knitting to calm herself down.

Back to the knot ... Despite my guage swatching and careful mathematics (which is out of the ordinary for me) my shirt was turning out way too big, and yes, I did consider the fact that it would shrink slightly in the waching machine. So I ripped it out then tried again, ripped that out then decided to go with a size six needles, did some more math, tried again, ripped it apart, and got a lovely knot to show for it.

What you see right now is my current attempt, still a little too big, but I can deal. I've gotten six rows into and I'm going to decrease a couple of stitches on each side and have a slightly tapered look (or sloppy look, depending on how I pull it off).

Ok, back to knitting...

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