Sunday, July 10, 2005


Yesterday went well. Ribbon was cut, yarn was bought, music was played.

The morning was quite frantic, with preparations still going on at 11:00. We took some pictures of the opening, including some of the ribbon cutting so I'll post that as soon as we get it on the computer. It seemed like lots of the customers (who were not family friends) lived only a few blocks from the store, so that was very cool (it's going to be a struggle to learn all of your names). There was three women (a daughter, mother, and grandmother) who stayed at the store for around three hours. Jessamy taught the mother how to crochet and it was amazing how quickly she got into it. The daughter knit (I think) and the grandmother wanted nothing to do with the yarn, much like my grandmother. Several people told us we needed more shelves (we only have three, but right now all our merchandise fits perfectly into those three shelves). The band was amazing. None of us new what to expect, so we were all pleasantly surprised.

And now I'm off to eat Dim Sum. Yum.

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