Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today we finished our schedule of events for July. There was much negotiation and the talk of buying a TV specially for the store's Movie Nights - which some of us objected to, and others were in favor of, but I won't name names because feelings will get hurt, but then of course by the mere mention of the disagreement I've probably hurt someone's feelings. Sigh, family dynamics.

Yesterday (and if everything works out we'll be getting DSL in the store very soon, so hopefully much of my posts won't start off with "yesterday") a woman, I believe her name was Candid, came in and asked "Habla Espanol?," we answered "Un poquito" because Noah and I have taken four years of Spanish in high school, Jessamy has taken a semester of conversational Spanish, and Alex (our cousin who was visiting for the week and just went home today) knows a little Spanish. It took us what felt like five minutes to understand her first question, which we eventually understood as - do just sell yarn or do you also teach lessons? It was Ensenar, to teach, which none of us could understand. It was funny, but mostly in that sad sort of way, because she asked us a few more questions and it was a group effort to come up with a translation and an answer, but she kept asking questions, one of which was on the conversational side, so I guess our answers were decent. Jessamy, who had the least amount of Mexican blood in the room did the most communicating. We're all proud of her. Ohhhh, I just had an idea, we could have an "I wish I could speak better Spanish" knitting group, where we could sit around and knit and practice our Spanish.

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