Saturday, July 30, 2005

nothing much is going on

It's been very slow at the shop lately. We're hoping it's the heat.

We've got some new yarn in a couple of days ago, there's a black and white bumpy one from Lucci (I'm not sure what the term is for it, but I'm calling it Pom Pom) that I'm thinking of useing with a white encore to make a cow colored purse.

Jessamy is working on a sock puppet dog pattern that we just got in from JudyKits, Judy hand-delivered it herself. It's looking pretty cool so far.

I finished a Dropped Stitch Ribbon shell yesterday, got the pattern from Teen Knitting (no, I'm not a teen, it's just one of the books we're selling). The end stitches are a little funky, but other than that it looks all right. I'll try to take the camera to the store tomorrow. If not, no picture for the blog for a couple of days because me, jessamy and max are going to be going to Gilroy for the Garlic Festival. Yay. I'm looking forward to some Garlic Ice-Cream. I've actually had some before at Stinking Rose. It's amazing - the flavor is subtle but unmistakably Garlicy.

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  1. Neither in my life but I guess it's high time for The Big Change U_U

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