Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not OK Computer

You might have noticed my posts have been a little less frequent, and possibly shorter, in the past two weekend. That's because my computer is very ill, and in need of a heart transplant, if you excuse the odd comparison.

Essentially we've been having problems with the power cord not connecting properly to the computer for months now, and finally the computer decided that it didn't want to accept any power unless we continually and forcefully held the cord into the computer, which was of course was physically tiring and akin to rubbing your belly and patting your head while trying to concentrate on something across the room. Now though even that won't work, so we're left with a computer that works but can't be turned on.

We have a new battery (the current one only holds a charge for about 10 minutes), and a battery charger that will plug into the AC socket on order from America, so hopefully things will get a little better soon. Though we're not sure how long a battery's charge will last, hopefully it's longer than an hour... Right now I just get an hour on the library computer, two if I want to feel like Oliver. Please, sir, I want another hour. And really, that's not nearly enough.

J doesn't seem to mind the lack of computer, but I find the whole situation really very sad. We don't have a TV, so the computer was our primary source of entertainment. And unlike J, I don't think British radio game shows are a decent replacement for old Doctor Who episodes on DVD. Not to mention that facebook and twitter are not on the list of priorities when I do get on the computer.

And well, I could go on like that, but you probably don't really want to listen to me whining (or whinging as they say here), and more to the point, I have 5 minutes left on the library computer. I hope whoever and wherever you are your computer is alive and well and is happy.


  1. These days....such limited access to a computer is worth whining about...but whinging is a great word too! Sorry for your frustration...hope vast improvements come soon! At least you're in a library...that should be a plus!

  2. I feel for you - I have a real love/hate relationship with my two computers, when they are good -I adore them, once things go wrong - the air is dreadful!
    Just a word about the battery on laptops - if you leave them plugged in they slowly die, they have to be allowed to run down in order to recharge up - as I found to my cost. My lappy now sits plugged in at all times as has the battery life of a gnat.
    Good luck anywya. (Sue (teamBrit!)

  3. It is a neat word, isn't it Missouri. I'm definately have a lot more library books checked out now that I'm here everyday!

    Sue- Thanks for the tip! We got the battery yesterday, I'll make sure to let it run down, but we're still waiting on the charger :(