Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dabbling Wednesday

Dabbling Wednesday very nearly didn't happen this week! I don't really have internet connection at home (more on that another day). So I really wasn't sure what I'd make.

This morning I remembered seeing on our bookshelves a library book about paper crafts, Paper Celebrations by Jane Alford to be exact.

Now me, paper, glue and tape are not the best of friends. And except for a brief time making collages as a teenager I've stuck to textile arts, probably because it doesn't involve glue (though I'd like to think it's just because I don't have the proper glue). In fact, now that I think about it sewing is the textile art that I find the most annoying, often because it involves doing cutting and measuring in straight lines. Yes another skill I should have mastered in kindergarten...

Back to the actual dabbling... Although the book had cute little hobby ACTS (including a bit of knitting on toothpicks!) I decided to go with the more practical pyramid box. Here's the box cut out using the template in the book (I made it out of a cereal box, which admittedly was not the easiest or best materials to work with, but it's free), and the tools I had used thus far. That white thing is a wonderful tool, a bone folder (belongs to J).

Unfortunately I didn't have a hole punch to make proper holes in the top of the box. I thought I was being brilliant when I remembered the unopened eyelet kit I bought a few months ago in a moment of weakness (no idea why I bought that since I don't sew). Turns out the cardboard was too thick for that to work :(
So the main lesson I learned today is that I really should go and buy a hole punch...

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  1. I look forward to these Wednesday posts to see what you get yourself into! I admire your willingness to stretch your boundaries and take the ups and downs and any mishaps all in stride. What fun!