Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft Fair Tips

On Saturday I showed off my fibrous goodies at a craft fair. I had done a few craft shows back in the yarn store days, but this was the first one I had done for my Fibrous items.

Just in case you have a craft fair coming up here's a few tips, some of which I had gathered from doing some research about it before hand, some of which I jotted down as a note to self while still at the show!

  • Have a sign with your store name (possibly logo too) and why your shop is special, ie items made in the small town of yadayada or one-of-a-kind wool creations. Some of the other stalls had a very large picture of what they sold by their stall, though I'm not convinced that's necessary.
  • Know the details about product. I had overheard someone asking a jewelry seller about one of the materials used, and she didn't know. I have to admit I did something similar too. I had two hanks of hand-dyed yarn for sale and embarringly didn't know the yardage for them!
  • Make sure that at least your inexpensive items have a price tag. Either as a tag directly on the item or a slip of paper (in nice handwriting or computer printed) close to the group of similarly priced items. Peronally I think that every iten/group should have a price tag clearly written. I'm one of those people who won't ask a seller for the price!
  • Have plenty of change! Both in coins and bills.
  • Make sure you keep your money on you at all times.
  • Put your business cards at both corners of your table.
  • Create layers on your table. If you're doing this on a budget you could put boxes underneath your tablecloth. Or purchase something to hang your items on so that they are closer to eye level.
  • Create a 30 second advertisement for yourself that you can tell to people who seem interested in knowing more about your business.
  • Bring a pen, papers, scissors, and tape!
  • Have your name stamped or stickered onto your shopping bags.

There's more tips at etsy. Tons of tips at Mermaids Closet. And lots of info on folksy.

Good luck with your craft fair!!


  1. Thanks for the tips and the links. Going to put these in my reference list for the future!

  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    These are great ideas. I hate seeing items with no price tags!