Thursday, September 02, 2010

Empty(ish) streets

The Fringe Festival has officially been over for a few days now.

The great big banner on the Royal Mile has been taken down, and the billboards have been dismantled.

I have to say I'm a little bit sad to see the crowds go. Just a little. But I'm not sad to see the leafletters go. All those poor trees...

One of the good things about the decrease in crowds is that I can take pictures without someone walking in front of the camera. Like this one - look! there's cones of yarn in the display!
We can also finally get a seat at a coffee shop. It was J's birthday yesterday, so we went out for breakfast.
Scottish veggie breakfast
That was a vegetarian full breakfast (we split it).

I'll leave you with one last picture, which kind of sums up the whole festival.
This Belongs to Lionel Richie

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