Thursday, August 07, 2008

Updates on this month's store hours

I made it back safe last night, after 17 hours of traveling.

Here are the hours I will be working, starting this Friday. Wednesdays through Friday 2:00 pm until closing, Saturday 12 - 5.

I'm also going to be teaching knitting intensive classes. Wednesday through Friday evenings at 6:00 to 7/7:30. Since there is so much to cover we might not be able to cover everything in one hour, but we'll try, and if there's only one of the several techniques listed for each day that you want to learn let me know and we'll cover that first. The first 4 will be only $5 each, the later ones will be $10.

1. Review - knit/purl, how to fix drop stitches, and the concept of knitting. August 8
2. Circular knitting, including double pointed, magic loop and
how to fix incorrect joins. August 13
3. Increasing and decreasing. August 14
4. Lace (class 3 is a prereq, private lesson is available) and reading patterns. August 15
5. Socks (heel and toe). August 20
6. Entrelac. August 21
7. Cables and icords. August 22
8. Many ways of casting on and off, continental vs english knitting. August 27
9. Color knitting #1. intarsia, other forms of color knitting. August 28
10. Color knitting #2 fair isle, other color knitting. August 29
11. Kitchener stitch. Date: TBA

I'll probably be adding a few more things, or you can make a request, or schedule a private class.

See you soon.

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