Sunday, August 10, 2008

A nice leisurely day

This was my second day back at the store, and it was a nice leisurely day. Claudia, Gina, Chris and Mary came and hung out. I was able to talk to Maggie, our sewing teacher. I wasn't able to take the sewing class, but I'm still optimistic that it will all work out next time ...
I also started to clear out a corner of the store to make way for our "hand-made corner", we're still working on the name, which, if everything works out well, will have hand-made jewelry and other such things for purchase. Yesterday at 10:00 I hung out at Curves for the knitting circle, except the person running Curves doesn't usually work on Fridays so she didn't know where to put me, and I ended up hanging out in one of the empty dressing rooms, which was weird, but I think I now know where David normally hangs out, so if anyone wants to come in and knit with me and go to the gym afterwards, it seems like a good opportunity. At 11 I walked to the store and substituted for the kids knitting class. Then it was eating, talking, and knitting until 7pm
It feels like I've never left...

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