Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Slides and alpacas and bears oh my

I hope you had a nice weekend. My mother took my two brothers and me to Big Bear where we went on the alpine slide and Noah caught some trout at a trout pond. On Sunday I went to see alpacas at Twisted Lock in Sunland. The owners are super nice and spent two hours with us, showing us the ranch and the alpacas. We were able to feed them (if I remember correctly their sharp teeth are located at the back of their mouths, so there was no loss of fingers involved in this trip) and learned about the density of the fiber, and what makes a prize winning alpaca. Anne, who owns two alpacas and will be keeping hers at this ranch very soon, was kind enough to organize the visit. They will be having an open house type of night in late September, I'll post about that when they have more information on their site. I highly suggest it. The alpacas are really cute and adorable animals.

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