Monday, August 04, 2008

Possible hours, possible class

Here are my tentative hours: Saturdays and 2-7 Wed through Friday.

I'll have a better idea of whether this will really work out when I get home tomorrow!

Also, here's a preliminary list of what we'll be doing for our intensive knitting classes:

1. Review - knit/purl, how to fix drop stitches, and the concept of knitting.
2. Circular knitting, including double pointed, magic loop and how to
fix incorrect joins.
3. Increasing and decreasing
4. Lace
5. Socks (heel and toe)
6. Entrelac
7. Cable, icord
8. Many ways of casting on and off, continental vs english knitting
9. Color knitting #1. intarsia, other forms of color knitting
10. Color knitting #2 fair isle, other color knitting
11. Kitchener stitch

See you guys soon.

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