Friday, November 05, 2010

Trip to the bead shop

Today I went to my Local Bead Shop (LBS?), The Bead Shop Edinburgh.

I don't bead, but I somehow went away with more than just necklace clasps.Lovely, aren't they? I thought they looked fibrous.

It's a nice and friendly store.
They also have wholesale discounts, if you buy enough of one item.

I couldn't help taking pictures of the beads. There were all these colors and shapes saying hey, look at me!

Maybe I should take up beading ...


  1. Beads are just so much fun...I don't officially "bead" either, but sometimes they make their way into the work. Some look good enough to eat!

  2. I don't bead either but somehow I have more beads than yarn in my workspace. If you count them. The yarn is still a much larger presence. I must think of more ways to mix the two together!
    Luck you found a nice bead shop - I went down to Massachusetts last week on a quest to find a friendly spot to sit and craft with a friend and didn't have much luck. The shop owner seemed like she didn't care about us at all, it was disappointing - I'll have to keep looking, that's all!

  3. Suzanne12:08 AM

    The fibrous beads really are gorgeous! I am reluctant to get into beads - they're very small (my eyesight isn't what it was) expensive. But they're SO pretty to look at! And friendly is always good.

  4. Missouri - I know!
    Tamdoll - :( I hope you find one!
    Suzanne - Right now it's mainly the pretty to look at thing that led me to buy them :)