Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 8 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today was Day 8 of our Coast to Coast walk.

The trip started off shortly after 9 am when we caught the AD 122 bus to Robin Hood Inn. We arrived at the stop 10 minutes early, so we were fortunately there when the bus came by 5 minutes early, but we almost didn't see it in time, so the driver actually had to pull over a bit away from the stop.


I would have liked to have thanked the owner of in the inn for trying to help us last week by eating there, but since it was so early in the morning it wasn't open for food.

I was happily walking along when Jessamy pointed out this.
A slug. I had just assumed it was decomposing leaves on the ground, but no, it was a living, and slow moving, creature. I spent the next ten minutes carefully watching where I was stepping.

First sheep of the day!

Me on one of the many stiles.

It's official!

A view.

More pictures and tales later.

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