Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arg, these socks are killing me

Jessamy's socks are done, I don't have any more pregnant friends, and the knit-along for Scotty's hat from Start Trek isn't until Saturday, so I'm bringing out the only UFO I brought with me from America, the pirate socks.

I had put it aside because it was far to big for my brother. It's color-knitting, so I initially thought that since it won't stretch very easily I'll make it a little big. Only my brother tried it on way back when and it was far too big.

So, before I brought it out of the closet I decided to go along with a previous decision(from like 6 months ago) that I would make it stretchier by ripping it out and insert ribbing in between the skulls and not actually knit it in the round, but change it from fair isle to an in-the-round intarsia (will find and link instructions in future posts). So I took the sock out, saw that it was even bigger than I had remembered, like big enough to put on the head of a small child, and that I had in fact already ripped it out, put ribbing in between the skulls, and done the intarsia in the round trick.


I've also managed to forget my brother's shoe size. And I'm not really happy with my skulls either. I'm not ready to totally abandon the idea yet, though. So stay tuned.

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