Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thought it would be simple

Always do (think it would be simple, that is).
Basic cable socks, no pattern of course, but who needs one, they're socks.
Only problem is that I need to get from 38 stitches around the leg to 19 for the heel flap. One sock is done (a bit too long, but it won't take that long to reknit that part) because I figured I should stop being a perfectionist, leaving the funky bunching alone and just be happy content with a much nicer looking second sock. Except, the second sock is definately not looking nicer.
Each time I've ripped out I've ripped a little higher and started the decreases a little sooner.
Assuming I get it to look okay and finish it (unlike the 2nd generation of pirate socks which I don't even want to look at) I'll post the pattern. Other than the grumble grumble decreases I like the look of the sock, itty cables are cute after all.

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry. I have yet to try socks. They scare me. So far I am pretty good with square things, like scarves lol.