Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've been trying to not post anything about work for reasons you probably know, and I don't want to embarrass anyone or anything like that. But ... yesterday someone was telling me about his trip to Florida. We had been talking about food and alcohol and the differences between the two countries. He had been disappointing in the size of steaks as they seem to be huge whenever cowboys eat steak in the movies, I commented that at least cheap meat here in the UK is much better than in America. I've gone to some cheap Chinese food places here, and generally in America if I go to a cheap Chinese place I'll get vegies, maybe sometimes a sweet and sour pork or chicken, but when I order it it's with the full expectation that the meat will be rubbery and gross. But the meat cheap Chinese food here has been surprisingly decent, the beef isn't all gristle, nothing wrong with the chicken, or at least nothing that I can tell with my unsophisticated meat palate. Anyway, the guy from work said how he ate, and liked, the Mexican food there in Florida (they consider tapas to be Mexican food here, and when you can find a burrito, which is really hard to find, it's like 9 pounds, so like $15). He had fajitas, some other dish, and tacos, pronounced as tack-oes. He said, almost a direct quote, he got the tacos with chili, as he could choose whether he could get ones with or without, so he got the tack-oes with chili, in fact, the restaurant was named Chili's. Yes, Chili's. And yes, I was picturing a small, non-chain, "real" Mexican restaurant. Jessamy laughed a long, long time when I relayed this to her, but I managed to just smile, and stopped myself from ruining his memories. And then Jessamy and I ate at a cheap Chinese

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  1. Tack-oes lmaooo that cracks me up. We pronounce it more like Tock-oes. LOL. I probably shouldn't laugh, but its hilarious. Chili's isn't really a mexican place either, more southwest. Which probably means nothing to anyone not in the US. It's a mix of mexican and spiciness and american stand-bys (burgers, steaks etc). I am sorry he was dissappointed in our foods. Homecooked is the way to go here, our restaurants are wayyyy over priced.

    BTW I am Alegna75 on twitter and Ravelry.