Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much going on

Jessamy has four papers due next week, so she has been frantically doing that. I've been reading mostly, The Concise Pepys. I have two socks in the works, one needs to be ripped out and started again, and another I'm not sure what I'm doing with.

I was finally was able to get to the computer for an extended period yesterday, as in two hours, and found some hat patterns for Jessamy to choose from, so I might start that tonight, assuming I don't delete the internet (a favorite saying of mine) before Jessamy can actually choose one.

I've also spent the last few evenings looking up cities I want to visit in England, there's a long list. Haven't yet attepted a list of places in the continent. Jessamy has a break the weekend after next, and then spring break, otherwise known as easter break here, then I think we might try to stay and travel after she graduates.

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