Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New yarn

Rio de la Plata (this stuff is great, we were afraid for a while there as they were having some sort of stock issues, but I guess it was resolved because we have more!)

Encore Worsted (A free pattern online:

Encore Colorspun (very popular, there are some socks on our voila page, http://thatyarnstore.com/voila.html made with encore colorspun. You can find a free pattern for socks (not the same socks) at this address:

Alpaca Grande (everyone's favorite, and has been selling like hotcakes according to David (maybe we should get into the hotcakes business))

Suri Merino (a personal favorite, and coincidentally I used some this weekend to make a felted ipod cozy (yes, I did pack Suri Merino in my suitcase))

Suri Merino Paint (I think this is a new one for us (at least I haven't seen it), but I just looked at the Plymouth website at the yarns, and my mouth is watering, I'm guessing it will sell also like

Baby Alpaca Worsted Paint (dito the description above)

Alpaca Boucle (it's been so long since we've carried this that it's possible it might be new to you. We used to have a stripey hat made from it in the store somewhere, you might have seen it. Another
pattern: plymouthyarn.com/index.php?nav=cPatterns.freePatterns&pattern_id=000004)

Boku (Self striping goodness)

Happy feet (new spring yarn from Plymouth. Multicolored sock yarn. David says it was recommended by Suzanne. I don't know if that last comment was supposed to go in the newsletter or not, but there it is anyway! Just looked at it on the Plymouth site, it's a 90% Superwash Merino Wool, 10% Nylon, in nice colors, including men's colors (as Jessamy pointed out in a deep voice) though I don't know if the guy colors were ordered or not, but you would always place a special order with us)

Royal Bamboo (speaks for itself)

Royal Llama silk (You didn't know that Llamas made cocoons, did you? 60% Llama, 40% Silk)

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