Saturday, April 12, 2008

Live Music Tonight

Live Music featuring Call And Response

April 12, 5-7

On Saturday, April 12th, from 5-7pm, Dottie Grossman and Michael
Vlatkovich, also known as "Call And Response" will be performing at
That Yarn Store. The concert is free, although donations are accepted.

Critically acclaimed, the duo has performed across the US, and
routinely opens the Potter Valley Jazz Festival. Though music and
poetry may have beatnik associations for some, rest assured that this
is no bongos and beret affair. Grossman's poetry covers a wide range
of emotional territory, and Vlatkovich is always right there with her,
whether to reinforce the sentiment of the poem, or completely turn it
on its head. It is not uncommon to be close to tears at the end of a
poem, and rolling with laughter during the response... and vice versa!

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