Thursday, September 14, 2006

What are these droplets?

I would like to assure you before I start my actual post that I will refrain from mentioning Singles Night (9/14 6pm). I've already posted about Singles Night (9/14 6pm) and I would guess that most of the people who read this blog also get our newsletters and are tired of being reminded that Singles Night is this Friday at 6pm and that we'll be providing some cheese, crackers, and non-alcoholic drinks (we're saving the bubbly for Martini Night (9/22 6pm)).

I woke up this morning and noticed that it was a little darker than usual. I just assumed it was a manifestation of my then current mental state, but I realized as soon as I closed the self-locking door and walked down the porch and into the foggy drizzle that it was completely stupid of me not to have looked outside before exiting the building. And it wasn't as if I was driving to work that day. I was, of course, late to catch the train (light rail system to be exact). I really need to start watching the weather channel, or at the very least not smile and nod and secretly say in my head "poor woman, she has no idea what she's talking about" when a customer tells me the weather is going to be cooler tomorrow.

Yesterday was Noah's birthday, so we ate out at Stinking Rose. Hana and Noah claim the restaurant is under new management because the menu is different and the mash potatoes don't taste the same. I wouldn't know about that, but I do know Garlic Ice Cream is good. I also know that excessive amounts of garlic make one very volatile. At one point in the evening mom asked some question which required an explanation of opossums and the news that the "Jingle Cats" CD she gave me 5 years ago has finally been appreciated, though perhaps not as originally intended.

Mom's response to the opossum story was "yes, I know, I read your blog." Oh dear, is nothing sacred! In an instant she had shattered all my dreams using this blog to air my family's dirty laundry and reduced my topics of appropriate posting to the weather.

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