Sunday, September 03, 2006

Opossum revisited

Last night (UFO Night) I was asked about the opossums. Well, sad to say, the issue has not been resolved.

I had done a fair amount of research, looked at several possum websites, including, etc, called animal control but apparently they only catch dogs and cats and then claimed there were no other city services that trapped wildlife, so I then called up a couple of professionals... Then nothing. I got overwhelmed, and dad's solution of get Max (he would be leaving in two days) and Noah (a sixteen year old) on the roof, at night, to board the hole just didn't seem like something I wanted to do.

I love my brothers, I don't want to send them on the roof at 10:00 at night. More to the point, I don't want to send them up on the roof at 10:00 at night, only for them to fall off and leave me with the guilt of their neck-down paralysis for the rest of my life.

After a not so brief consideration of hiring one of the trappers for $350 and more attempts at the ammonia buckets, I temporarily gave up.

Then, after a so far successful ridding of the fruit flies two weeks ago, I've been alternating between zealous fits of "must be on offensive against possum" and "I'm too lazy to sit in the backyard with an empty trashcan, a stick, and a piece of string."

The last fit of offensiveness involved going out at 9 pm and buying 3 boxes of aluminum foil at the 99 cents store and $20 of aluminum at Home Depot, the thinking being that we could wrap aluminum around all the trees, and then the possum wouldn't have any surface to cling to as it's climbing up the trees. Well, 45 minutes into the plan we (jessamy and I, mostly Jessamy) had just finished wrapping a 3 inch in diameter vine when we realized that the opossum, which had previously been on the ground, had made it's way to the roof via an unknown route. Suddenly, that plan got way too complicated for our tired little brains.

Becca, who's very nice and owns sugarbutterbex, has had a raccoon problem for a number of years, and has convinced me to rent a trap. Fortunately we have a park a block away from my house (I'll tell you about the rat relocation one of these posts), so I'll be able to relocate the animal easily. Though I just now realized that I shouldn't get my hopes up, since that advice is given from someone who has had racoons for a number of years.

Until then, Jessamy and I have decided to go the General Noriega route and blast Jingle Cats out of a stereo placed right under the ceiling (while we're out of the house, of course).

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  1. Regan3:27 PM

    I think I was told once to get mothballs in flake or crystal form and put them into the place the opossum was hanging out. I guess this should be done when the animal is out for the evening. I can just see is on the roof trying to toss mothball flakes in.