Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why Blog

So, why would a yarn store need a blog?
Besides the obvious fact that it provides us with another venue for shameless promotion, a simple website just isn’t dynamic enough for That Yarn Store. We don't want our yarn store to be a place where you just come to buy yarn, we want the store to be a friendly place where people can sit and knit and talk. A blog will provide us with a way to connect with people even though they may be sitting in their home wearing their favorite Star Wars PJs. Although you’re more than welcome to come to the store in your Star Wars PJs, we won’t judge.

What's going to be on this blog? Our calendar of events of course (there's a rumor we're going to have a jazz band performing on our opening day) we'll also have pictures of the knitting projects all the family members are working on, plus some tips, doubtless there will whole posts on some of the "oh man I totally messed it up" projects, and maybe a couple of pictures of the family, or more likely there will be some hand-drawn pictures of the family since a few of us are camera shy.

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