Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moving right along

So things are moving along with the store. S has picked color, light blue. We have a start date, July 9th (I think?), and D has already contacted yarn manufacturers. We obviously already have a store front picked out too, but I won't divulge the actual address, yet.

The knitting projects are also moving along too, it's not just a crochet hook anymore. Unfortunately I'm not 90% happy with my hat, but more about that when I actually finish the thing.

So why on earth am I referring to everyone my their first name initial? I'm not quite sure, and I do agree it's a little weird, ok maybe it's more than a little weird. I suppose it's just a precaution against using full names because I will eventually not be content with our actual names and will then go back to all the postings and refer to myself as Crescendo, and all the rest of my family as Ubermeister, Crepe, and LaFawnduh.

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