Friday, May 27, 2005


I finished my hat. It's not perfect, but oh well. I had the hardest time picking a trim pattern. I didn't like the trim they featured in the book (Hip to Crochet) so I tried a bunch of versions, decided to go with a double crochet, got about half way through, and then decided to see if a half double crochet with (I think) three chains would work. It turned out it looked better, but then I had to undo all the trim so I could start over. Anyway, after it took me forever to undo the half-double three chain thing I decided I had spent enough time on the trim thank you very much and continued with the double crochet. The flower was equally as annoying. After about 45 minutes of trying different chain lengths and patterns I decided to hell with it and went with the one you see in the picture. Arg. The book called for Bulky yarn and a size H/8 hook. I used the Lions Brand mohair and a size 6 hook (and I crochet pretty tight, too). So, if you start this project I suggest you use a sport-weight yarn or a smaller hook. Also, I had to increase more times than they called for. If I had gone with the actual directions in the book then even a small-headed lemur couldn't have fit into that hat. Just had an idea, maybe the publisher has a note online about corrections ... Nope, no corrections on the hat. Hmmm, maybe it's just me? Anyway I did two more increases on the seventh row ( in the frontish) and an increase on the eight( in front and in back) then one on both sides on the 11th row and I think one or two more increases but I can't seem to find them and I didn't write it down cuz I'm cool like that ... Basically I was just putting the hat, on saying oh my that's two tight, then frogging at least half a row and putting an increase.

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