Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. We had a mixture of old family traditions, and new leanings. We did mostly joint presents this year - focusing on requested items rather than stabs in the dark (mostly correct in past years) and one of my sisters couldn't join us for Christmas. I didn't get any yarn-related items this year, which was kind of strange, but I'm sure I'll more than make up for that during the next coming year.

I only gave one knitted gift this year, which I will post a picture of later on when I'm sure that my friend has received it. I'm also knitting one of my brothers a pair of grey socks from the Gentleman Sock pattern. It's not really a Christmas present (and good thing too since it won't be done for a few days now), just an excuse to knit. I'm knitting them on size 0 needles, and actually nearly broke one of the needles on Christmas day. I knew I knit a little too tight on cables and crossed stitches as my guage always changes dramatically when I do those stitches, but apparently I knit crossed stitches as if I was in a life or death struggle with them. Fortunately we had some glue, so I was able to seal the gigantic splinter that was my needle and continue with the socks.

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  1. Suzanne3:30 AM

    Hi Thea - so glad to hear you had a good Xmas. I know your family was thrilled to have you home. We're finally back from out of town. Alan leaves very early Friday morning (New Year's) for a week in DC, so I'm at loose ends. Would you like to knit, or perhaps go for tea on Friday or Saturday? Then knitting on Sunday - woo hoo! Email me! (Oh, and I broke the size 1 needles I got from David B., so I feel your pain.)